Anna Lou and Friends is an animated show that journeys with children to the land of their imaginations to tackle the everyday challenges they face, like confidence, communication, and self-esteem.

Anna Lou and Friends is a show that embraces the real way that children interact with each other and it connects to the deeper heartbeat of children’s mind health. It blends being kind with growing up and dreaming big. Feeling strong in your body and mind. Gaining independence, never giving up when you encounter obstacles, and above all striving for love and happiness.

Anna Lou is not silly and irreverent but she lightens up the mood. She is a child too. She is the protagonist filled with creativity and kindness. Each episode she takes the challenge the children face to the world of imagination.

Cloudland is the place the children go to in their imaginations. When Anna Lou was two she had night terrors, her parents found her a new toy, a rainbow llama, Anna Lou called the llama Margo and she hugged Margo all night long. What also happened is that Anna Lou brought Margo to life as her imaginary friend. Anna Lou now leads her friends to Cloudland in their imaginations. Margo is there and she has some llama friends of her own, Sheridan and Otis.

Anna Lou’s parent’s also got her a rescue dog who she named Buzz, he sleeps in the same room as her and Esme, he makes them feel safe and they make him feel safe. Buzz is a wonderful character who has a life of his own and pops up in Cloudland when he goes to practice his skateboarding skills or to dancing or just to fly his helicopter.

Each episode establishes a traditional setting such as in the local Rainbow Primary school that both parents and children can relate to and feel safe in. Then in each episode we travel to Cloudland to be as experimental and limitless as we can and let our imaginations run wild just as children do.

Each episode will explore Anna Lou focusing in on something that is affecting either her or one of her friends. She will bring her view of the world as colorful, creative, beautiful, and extraordinary in order to help her friends overcome everyday challenges with Margo’s help, of course.