Episodes focus on key areas:

  • Worries
  • Fears
  • Focus and paying attention (being able to focus on what they need to no matter what is going on around them)
  • Relationships and self love (focusing on the characters strengths and growth areas, how to take good care of themselves)
  • Relationships with others (developing more understanding, empathy, respect, and compassion for and towards others)
  • Communication (listening, questioning, building rapport, dispute resolution)
  • Resilience (developing the strength and growth mindset to weather the ups and downs of life both physically and psychologically)
  • Accomplishment (understanding how to solve problems, make decisions and accomplish tasks successfully)
  • Endings and loss (understanding beginnings, middle and endings and that we are in constant flux and change – nothing is permanent in us and outside of us – with this comes inevitable endings and loss.)

episode ideas:


On her way to school, a dog barks and jumps at Hannah. At school, Anna Lou reminds Hannah about their playdate that afternoon, but Hannah is reluctant to go now as she knows Anna Lou has a dog. Anna Lou, not knowing what is going on, worries that Hannah isn’t her friend anymore. Hannah goes to see Margo and confesses that she’s scared of dogs and doesn’t want to go to Anna Lou’s. Margo asks if Hannah knows that Anna Lou got Buzz to help when she couldn’t sleep. Hannah didn’t know that and she learns more about Buzz. As she is still a bit scared Hannah says she’d love to go to Anna Lou’s, but could Buzz be kept in a different room when she first arrives. Then during the playdate another side of Buzz is revealed makes everybody laugh so much they forget all their worries.


Eddie isn’t interested in Ella’s yoga session. He’s too busy practicing his football skills for the big match after school. He’s training hard, but it seems like the more he practices, the worse he gets. Eddie imagines himself messing up at the big match, and this makes him even more anxious, which makes him play even worse! But how can he be playing so badly when he trains so much? Margo suggests that there is more than one kind of training and exercise. He is training physically, but you can train mentally too – to relax and become mentally stronger. Is there something he could try to do that? Eddie asks Ella if he can join her yoga session after all, and is soon relaxing. And let’s look at that again in slow motion!” Suitably calmed, Eddie plays brilliantly in the match and scores the winning goal.


When things go wrong for Zac he imagines himself as a huge monster, smashing up the school. His tantrums cause problems with his friends until Margo suggests some Llamatastic techniques for him to try to cope and they work wonders. 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1.


Ella is devastated by the death of her hamster, Snuffles. Margo helps her to talk about Snuffles with her friends, remember the happy times she had with him, and find a suitable way to commemorate him.


Jasmine is having a bad day. Every single thing has gone wrong from spilling her lunch to breaking her favorite hair slide. She can’t imagine anyone anywhere having a worse day – this must be a world record. But a chat with Margo makes her try to think of three things that she is grateful for.


Hannah is used to going along with what everyone else wants to do, even if it doesn’t make her happy. Margo helps her to speak up for herself. And when she takes it too far and is too domineering over her friends, Margo also helps her rein it in a bit.


Ayesha is struggling to play a piece of music on the fife – she thinks she’ll never manage it and should give up. Margo helps her to see how much she’s already accomplished by perseverance, and how much more she can achieve if she sticks at it


Anna Lou is having trouble sleeping at night. She tries everything: a story, warm milk, soft music... Margo introduces her to the idea of counting llamas and soon she is fast asleep. And so is Margo!


Anna Lou is worried about going to the dentist. Even Miss Ono doesn’t like going to the dentist! But a trip to the vet with Buzz and some wise words from Margo shows that there is nothing to worry about – dentists are people who help keep us healthy.


Lucy finds herself worrying about so many things. She’s even worried about the number of things she’s worried about! Margo suggests making a worry box to write down and put her worries into, to look at at a set time later that day. Margo also knows some distraction techniques for Lucy to use until then. When it’s time to look at the worries, Lucy realizes that most of them never came to pass.


Eddie accidentally breaks Anna Lou’s toy car, but somehow Zac gets blamed for it. The guilt weighs on Eddie, getting harder and harder to live with until Margo helps him realize that there is only one way he is going to feel better.


Jasmine’s granddad passes away. Anna Lou helps her remember some of the best times they spent together, one of the things they had lots of fun doing is making a cake so Miss Ono suggests they make a cake filled with all the love and memories for Jasmine’s Oompa. There is a special moment with a Llama, Jasmine, and her Granddad in Cloudland too.


Miss Ono has organized a traveling show to come to Rainbow Primary. The children then learn some circus skills and Charlie wants to run away with the circus. With a trip to Cloudland and some time with Margo he realizes he had his own circus with him all the time