Anna Lou & Friends is a show for 6-10 year olds which features 2D animation with the continuity presenter Anna Lou. In each episode we are in the Anna Lou TV studio and visited by some of her friends not forgetting Margo the rainbow llama puppet. The 20 min episodes which includes a 7 min animation, the show is to engage and expand kids worlds and mind-health. The goal is to help children worry less, be happier, love themselves and dare to be extraordinary.

Every episode starts in the real world where the challenge is made clear. Anna Lou will then journey to cloud land with the friend where they will meet Margo the wise rainbow llama who will explore how to overcome the challenge ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ – African Proverb Our vision is for individuals to feel accepted just as they are. We want to help them deal everyday challenges that life throws at them with a little more confidence, courage and conviction.

Anna Lou & Friends help and support each other to explore, resolve and solve problems and issues, using creativity and fun age-appropriate life skills, tools and strategies to be: Happier, healthier in their minds and bodies More independent, resilient, productive and successful Build and maintain healthy and respectful relationships with themselves and others.