Anna Lou & Friends is a show to help with kids mind health with a goal to encourage compassion, empathy and resilience. It’s a fun show to help expand kids worlds and minds with engaging 7 min episodes.

They go through the everyday ups and downs of life in the early years of school universal to all children around the world. It will be fun and humorous giving children the opportunity to help to prevent problems that may develop later in life.

Every episode starts in the real world where the challenge is made clear. Anna Lou will then journey to cloud land with the friend where they will meet Margo the wise rainbow llama who will explore how to overcome the challenge

Anna Lou & Friends help and support each other to explore, resolve and solve problems and issues, using creative and fun age-appropriate life skills, tools and strategies to be:
Happier, healthier in their minds and bodies
More independent, resilient, productive and successful
Build and maintain healthy and respectful relationships with themselves and other.